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4.9 out of 5, based on 26 reviews
Douglas from Chicago, IL on Sep 16, 2014
Do yourself a favor and just place an order, you will be amazed. I first bought Neroli without even smelling it before hand. When I received it I was a little worried because the scent pretty potent in the can. After this exploded into a beautiful lather the scent becomes a perfectly balanced harmony of awesomeness. Wonderful slickness and cushion. I have since purchased this in Black Tea and to me that sent is close to perfection.
flyingbald from Encinitas CA on Aug 29, 2014
Petal Pushers is by far my favorite soap. My face LOVES Kokum butter and organic ingredients. I have used Castle Forbes, Trumper, and a few others. The European soaps/creams made my face feel like Richard Petty did a hot lap on my face at the Indy 500. Not good.

"Nick Shaves" recommend Petal Pushers and Synergy and I must say they are both fantastic. I don't see myself trying other brands ever again. My only problem is what will by my next flavor from PPF and Synergy. Kokum is a must.
Mark from Maryland on Aug 11, 2014
This shave soap is great! The kokum butter really makes a difference. The perfect amount of cushion and slickness. Thank You guys for an awesome product!
HappyGardener from NJ on Aug 08, 2014
Just had to say...what a great product! Bought the large size through Maggard, and this stuff is the best yet! Being newer to the DE safety shave, I'm no expert at creating lathers with the other soaps/creams. This stuff is perfect - lathers right up even in our hard well water. Best soap I have used, and I am ordering more. The Sage and Oak Moss is just right - and the soap leaves the face smooth and soft with no harsh ingredients. I like the fact that I can read a label and recognize every ingredient being natural, so I'm not putting a chemistry set on my face! Keep up the great work Petal Pushers! You have earned my repeat business and I will spread the word.
Orion from Indiana on May 01, 2014
Oakmoss & Sage


I am new to the wet shaving world. (only been wet shaving for 3 months now)
This shaving soap has made a world of difference in my shaving experience.
Thank you for making such a great product
Kenneth from San Juan PR on Apr 28, 2014

I ordered the black tea and the oakmoss & Sage. I was not that sure about the soaps due to the fact and even thou I been in this traditional wet shaving community for many years because this soaps are too new in the market and theirs not much reviews about them yet. But I did try them.

Ok I place the order, fast shipping good communication and real nice price. (keep them on that price please).

Scent: The scent, I have to say that it is kind of complex. The black tea it has a masculine scent that its not overpowering but it also feel around the bathroom when used. It smells like real sandalwood with green tea and tobacco. Real nice.

Performance: I used with a Simpson Polo 10 two band. When I start loading the brush it loads it in just 8 to 10 little rounds. I use a scuttle and making lather there was just in seconds and easy. The lather that I create in my face awesome very heavy thick and protective.

One good thing about this soaps is that I used other brands that considered themselves as organics and the after feeling at the end of the shave is too sticky and glossy in your face. I live in the tropics and that a very important detail because a soap that delivers that kind of feeling mixed with the temperature of the day It creates an unpleasant feel in the your skin.

With this soap the feeling it is just dry but not too dry but magically with a very soft feeling when you pass your hand in your face after the shave itself.

I strongly recommend this product to the traditional wet shaving community.

Alan from California on Mar 12, 2014
This review is of 5" tins of the Sandalwood, and Oakmoss & Sage soaps.

First, let me say that I've been perfecting the art of traditional wetshaving for two years, both straight razors double-edged safety razors. In that time, I've used a broad cross-section of shaving soaps, from Art of Shaving's high-quality but extortionarily priced soaps and creams, to D.R. Harris's lovely hard pucks, to Proraso, with many soaps and creams in between. You might say I'm in this game for the soaps, and know a thing or two about good shaving soaps.

That said, I learned about Petal Pusher Fancies' soaps through errant but glowing references I found in reddit.com/r/wicked_edge. After some digging into the various online reviews at wetshaving forums, I grew intrigued, and decided to dive right in. An order was placed on a Thursday, and the soaps arrived that Monday.

The 5" pucks of these soaps come in these lovely broad, flat containers with purple tape sealing the edges. I eagerly ripped off the tape to take a whiff.

(I was surprised to initially find that the soap had the consistency of a shaving cream, as I had not noticed the warning on the product description that the soap "will harden with use". This was a disappointment, albeit short-lived, as I immediately worried how long these soaps would last, given that I tend to burn through creams at an alarming paste. Of course, by the time I arrived at home, the puck had mostly hardened, and I can gladly report that my soaps are now as firm as most any other puck of soap I've seen. And seeing the effects of repeated shaving with three-pass lathers, I can safely say there will be no burning through these soaps.)

Those initial whiffs proved to be, and I cannot stress this word enough, delightful. First, the Oakmoss and Sage. The scent is full-bodied, warm, earthy, and only slightly sweet. The best way I can describe it is it smells like I'm shaving in a sunlit forest glen on a warm spring morning. This may very well be my new favorite scent for shaving soaps, and I say that as a man who previously reserved that title for D.R. Harris's Marlborough and Art of Shaving's Sandalwood. This Oakmoss and Sage soap is godly stuff.

Second, the Sandalwood. While the scent here is a more subtle sandalwood than I normally prefer, the sandalwood musk blends wonderfully with what I assume is the Kokum Butter scent to yield a manly, woodsy, strong scent that is also only mildly sweet. This isn't the soap for you if you're looking for something that absolutely screams sandalwood, but it is a great scent that will definitely be part of my regular rotation.

Now, and most importantly, let's talk about how the soap performs. Spoiler: Quite possibly, this is the best-performing soap I've had the pleasure of using.

I lather by first loading a pre-soaked horsehair brush on the puck. I purchased the 5" pucks, and when it came time to build my lather, I was thrilled with that choice. Unlike 3" or smaller shaving pucks, where you often have to deal with spillage, the 5" pucks easily accommodate the full splay of my 25mm knot horsehair brush. I simply don't understand why 5" pucks aren't industry standard, it's just that much better. More importantly, my horsehair brush easily loads off of the now-hardened pucks, and it only takes a few seconds of swirling before I have more than enough soap for a three-pass shave plus touch-ups.

Once my brush is loaded, I then transfer to bowl of my hot-water shaving scuttle, where I build my lather by adding water incrementally. Sometimes, I have a lot of trouble building a thick lather with vegan shaving soaps; too often, the lathers seem to turn out bubbly and airy despite even the most judicious use of added water. But not so with these soaps.

Almost from the start, you can tell that these soaps are going to give you the thick, meringue-like lather we all dream about. Swirling away in my scuttle and adding only a few dabs of water here and there, within perhaps a minute I find the banks of my large scuttle bowl spilled with a thick, creamy lather replete with the peaks that I associate with a properly luxurious lather.

Just to be sure I'm not dreaming, I pinch off a touch of the lather and rub it between my forefinger and thumb. Yeap. That's some slick, slippery stuff right there. Time to go to work.

My brush now fully impregnated with lather, I set to painting my beard with this slippery goodness white as driven snow. I then grab my razor, and begin. First pass with the grain, my razor glides over my skin, with the lather providing perfect lubrication. The second and third passes, first across then against the grain, were equally smooth, with no problems with nicks whatsoever. And with each pass, the lather held up on my face throughout the entire pass, with no drying or flaking.

Impressed, I clean up, wipe my face with a warm wet towel, and dry it with another towl, which is when the true surprise with these soaps hits.

You see, normally I find my skin to be a bit dried out after a three-pass shave. However, perhaps because of the Kokum butter, with these soaps I had none of the usual dryness. Instead, my skin had the sort of smooth and moisturized feel that I normally associate with an application of my go-to aftershave balm. Very impressive.

Finally, and perhaps most critically, I find these soaps provide so much lubrication and glide that even when I do a second three-pass shave of the day (post-gym, prior to a date), I still walk away free from any razor burn or irritation.

To briefly conclude what is a very long story, these are amazing soaps. I give them 5 stars overall as well as in every category, and only perhaps wish the Sandalwood soap smelled more strongly of sandalwood. Otherwise, these are now my go-to soaps, and I look forward to the day when I need to restock, so I can give some of the other scents a go. The only question will be, can I wait that long before shelling out the cash for Briar, or Neroli? Time will tell.
D'Wain from Oklahoma on Mar 05, 2014
I just had my first shave with PPF Ciderhouse 5. My buddy was raving about these soaps and he was absolutely right. Great lather. Great scent. Excellent shave. I will definitely be buying more PPF shave soaps.
Nick from Phoenix on Jan 12, 2014
I have tried all of the major brands of shaving soap out there. You name it and I've more than likely tried it. Petal Pusher Fancies is amazing, and it has trumped all of my other favorites since adding it into my shaving soap rotation. It is by far the best all around performer. It smells good, it's extremely cushiony and protective, and it's all natural and made with organic ingredients. You simply will not find a better soap.

PPF - Do me a favor, keep making these soaps well after I'm dead and gone. I'm 24, so hopefully that's a long time. If you guys stop making soaps, I'm growing a beard, and that's not a good thing because my beard grows in scraggly and makes me look homeless and it will be all your fault.

Oh, and you guys really need to make a menthol soap that puts Doug's to shame. I know you've got it in you.
CJRichard from Manchester NH on Jan 05, 2014
Best shaving soap ever! I don't shave much of my beard area but this is the best for shaving my head.
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Kokum Butter Shaving Soap

Our handcrafted, all vegetable shaving soaps offer an incredible lather, slickness, and glide, leaving your skin cleanly shaven, and all day moisturized.

This unique cake will harden with use and is formulated to work well in both hard and soft water situations.

We've included a host of skin feeding ingredients including Kokum Butter, and Avocado, Sweet Almond, Coconut, and Castor Oil. 

Check out our rave review at the Sharpologist!: http://sharpologist.com/2013/05/petal-pushers-kokum-butter-shaving-soaps.html

All of our soap is offered in 2 sizes, and come in a tin for easy storage. 

The large 5" tin offers an exceptional surface area for brush loading, making wet shaving even more enjoyable!  

A brief description of our scents is below.  We use both fragrance oils (FO) and essential oils (EO), and indicate which we use for each soap. If you would like more information please let us know.  Cheers!

Amber (FO & EO) - *REVISED - Amber blended with Musk.  Warm, and Sweet. 

Black Tea (FO & EO) - A strong, striking scent blend of Tea, Tobacco, and Musk.  Many feel this is very similar to a "Barbershop" scent.

Coconut (FO) - Great full coconut scent without being flowery. 

Neroli (FO & EO) - Neroli is the scent of the bitter orange blossom.  It is citrusy, sweet, and metallic, a very interesting unisex scent.

Oakmoss & Sage (FO & EO) - All the best of both scents.  Deep, earthy, forest.  No evergreen tones.

Sandalwood (EO & FO) - All the deep base notes of a great, purely sandalwood scent.

Unscented - No fragrance or essential oils used in this puck.  Just pure, clean soap!  Great for sensitive skin.


Ingredients: Saponified Stearic Acid, Saponified Organic Ricinus Communis (Castor) Seed Oil, Saponified Organic Cocos Nucifera (Coconut) Oil, Saponified Garcinia Indica (Kokum) Seed Butter, Aqua (Water), Saponified Organic Persia Gratissima (Avocado) Oil, Fragrance (Essential Oils and/or Fragrance Unless Unscented)

Approximate weight of soap:

Small: 3.5oz

Large: 8oz